Chester Counselling offers family counselling for families throughout Chester and Cheshire

Claire McCluskey
M.Sc. B.A. Relate Cert C.C.
Registered Counsellor BACP & UKRC

07551 529 386
Weston Grove, Upton
Chester CH2 1QH

Family Counselling

Claire McCluskey is a trained systemic practitioner (trained to work with Families in counselling).

Family counselling may include one or several members of the same family and is dynamic in that from session to session different groups of members may be invited to the counselling.

Family counselling is interested in what is made between people (interpersonal) whereas with individual counselling the focus is on the within. Family members influence each other.

Family counselling will focus on the meaning created by the people in the family and how these meanings came to be constructed.

Work may be in clarifying expectations between family members.

The counsellor will be interested in the family rules and boundaries and how the family evolved these over time. Families are constantly adapting and adjusting to life stages and events e.g. the birth of a child, divorcing or remarrying.

Family counselling will also take into account wider contexts and culture and how these influence the problems as the family see them.

Counselling will seek to hear each family member's version of the story, realising that there may be several versions of the story co existing within the family.

This work is collaborative and it aims to develop interventions and create possibilities for the family.

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