How does Counselling work? What can I expect from Counselling?

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What can I expect from Counselling?

Counselling helps people who wish to make change happen. The therapist and you work collaboratively to help you to explore your problem, identify options for change, and action those changes.

Counselling aims to help you feel better equipped to cope in the future. Counselling is always carried out in a private and confidential setting. It is confidential, though there are parameters and limitations to this confidentiality. Counselling is a voluntary process.

How does Counselling work?

Bottling up feelings such as anger, anxiety, grief and embarrassment can become very intense and burdensome and counselling offers an opportunity to release these and find ways of dealing with them in more healthy ways.

The relationship between counsellor and client is the cornerstone for counselling- as trust builds between the counsellor and client, the client can look at many aspects of their life, their relationships and themselves which they may not have considered or been able to face before, in a safe environment.

Counselling can help by facilitating you to see your problem from different angles. It can uncover options for change by reducing confusion. Counselling can help you feel less stuck by helping you get in touch with creative solutions.

Counsellors should not judge or exploit clients. Counselling works by helping the client to cope better, not by advising or by providing answers, and not by directing a client.

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